Thursday, 8 September 2016

FLIGHT REVIEW: Inaugural Flight - Malindo Air (OD) to Hanoi from Kuala Lumpur

Latest news - Malindo Air has expanded its routes to a new destination in Asia - Hanoi.

September 1st  (2016) marks its first flight to the capital city of Vietnam. Other than Hanoi, Malindo also flies to Ho Chi Minh.

This would be my 1st experience on Malindo’s regional flight, so let's see what they are offering on this route to the north of South East Asia.

Trip: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Hanoi (HAN)
Date: September 1, 2016 On Thursday
Depart: 09:15 AM (GMT Tasu 8)
Arrive: 11:25 AM (GMT Tasu 7)
Duration: 3Hr 10Min
Aircraft :  Boeing 737-800
Seat: 11D (Economy)

Morning check-ins and security queue at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) were extremely busy that day. I was late, however, I was lucky that the waiting area was only a short walk pass the security area, ie Gate 2. When I reached the gate, the Boeing aircraft for the inaugural flight was ready and waiting to welcome their passengers.

Malindo Air OD0571: The aircraft is ready for boarding
Malindo Air OD0571: Passenger boarding the aircraft
Malindo Air OD0571: Business Class Seats
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Seats
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Interior 
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Interactive Display
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Pillow
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class  

After the flight took off, I moved to another window seat, unfortunately, I couldn’t recall the seat number.  Below are the views of the cabin.

Malindo Air OD0571: Legroom
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Pillow & Blanket
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Overhead Consoles
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Meal
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class View from the Aircraft
Malindo Air OD0571: Economy Class Hand Rest
Air OD0571 Malindo: Economy Class Seats 

  1. Relatively  New Cabin And Fresh Look - Impressed Me As A First Timer
  2. Spacious legroom For Economy Class With Seat Pitch Of 32 ", thus, Fit For Travellers who are Looking For Both Comfort And Value. This Is Even Better Than Malaysia Airlines (MH) cabins with seat pitch of only 30" And Air Asia between 28 "-29". (excluding emergency exit seats).
  3. Puffy pillows provided for passengers’ comfort.
  4. Warm, soft and fluffy blankets were also provided for you to wrap yourselves around with throughout The Journey.
  5. To my Surprise, The Meals Served For Economy Class Passengers were As Good As Current Malaysia Airlines (MH) Regional Flights. I Was Given An Option Of Nasi Lemak Or Paratha and I chose the latter. Paratha Served Was Tasty And Dhal was As Good As You Can Get From Any mamak stalls.
  6. I Thought That I I’ll Be Getting Only Pre-Packed Plain Water. But no, they Also Have  Beverages Carts which Serve Juices And Canned Drinks .
  7. Malindo Air In-Flight Entertainment choices Were Relatively Satisfying as They Have Quite A bit of Selection; From English, Asian, Tamil And Indonesian Movies. However, I Was A Bit Disappointed when there weren’t any malaysian Movies available.
  8. And finally, Definitely The Cabin Crews - the Heart Of The Journey. Nicely Dressed In Sarong Kebaya, With Perfect Hospitality and Smiles Really Made The journey pleasant and memorable.I Have No Other Comments On the Cabin Crew Besides them being Great From Head To Toe, combining both their personality and work ethics.
Knowing Malindo Air As Hybrid Airlines which Combine A Menities, Services And Low Cost Fares, I Believe the airline is now re-Strategising Their Business Into Premium Cabin Airlines. Being An Avid MH Frequent Traveller, I Can Really Say That They Will Be The New competitor for Malaysia Airlines. I love this healthy competition and perhaps it will bring more colours to destinations in the region, especially in Malaysia.

Hope you enjoy this write up. So, Have you flown with Malindo Air regionally before? Share with me!


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  4. i did few regional routes before but boyyy.. ur review is very detailed.
    basically, i also had the same good impressions on this airline from its comfort, inflight entertainment, crew etc.
    oh i remembered one time, i need to take a feeder bud to go to the plain in KLIA.. sigh

  5. heard about the launch of the Boeing 737-800 im yet to board the plane the touch ups look so good for an economy class mmh hope you enjoyed your vacation in kuala lumpur