Friday, 5 August 2016

FLIGHT DEAL: Malaysia Airlines (MH) Misleading Business Class Ads?

Rise and shine from Kuala Lumpur. Today, after my morning Nasi Lemak and a cup of Teh Tarik, I've stumbled upon this advertisement on Facebook. 

"Experience Business Class to London, Sydney, Auckland and more with deals from RM209"

Adding to that, it says "Amazing Deal". This is too good to be true. For this price, you can't even get a one-way flight ticket to any of the destination on Malaysia Airlines (MAS), not even on domestic route. To convinced myself, I checked out the ads and MAS website.

And from the MAS official website, the only deal available for Business Class is to Jeddah. None for other destinations. 

Okay, something is wrong somewhere. I'm not sure where else that I can get to see all the offers. If there is, who doesn't want to get that cheap Business Class ticket. Is this a misleading ads? If this is intentionally created by MAS I believe this might have tarnished the image of national flag carrier.

I snap shot few angry comments on Facebook. 

Have you ever come across think kind of misleading ads from other airlines? Share with me.