Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Qatar Airways (QR) Check-in Counter at KLIA - ISTANBUL WINTER 2014

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey.
Travel Date: January 14, 2014
Air Route: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Doha (DOH) - Istanbul (IST) via Qatar Airways

The flight was scheduled at 0950hrs on a serene Tuesday morning and we reached the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 0600hrs. That's almost four (4) hours earlier than the scheduled flight and even the Qatar Airways (QR) check in counter also was not opened yet. But then again, that's just in time for Subuh prayers.

When you travel with elderly, do allow some buffer time compared to when you're travelling solo or with young group. All is set and the counters were opened around 0630hrs. Being among the first to queue just give us an ample time and no rush.

Qatar Airways
(Source: http://www.tnetnoc.com)
 Passports checked. E-Tickets checked. Luggage checked. Enrich checked (owh, great news! QR now is part of OneWorld and they are giving double miles on your Enrich which only valid until January 2014.)

All went smooth until I checked the seatings arrangement. I asked the lady at the counter,

"What happened to my reserved seats that I've made earlier?". "I'm sorry Sir, there's no seat reservation that has been made as I can capture from the system" she replied. Me being dramatic with high hopes of getting upgraded, I said "Whattt??? How could it be? I've called the service centre twice to confirm on our seat arrangement. What about the seat reservations from Doha to Istanbul?". "Same thing Sir, no seat reservation but I can try to find the best seats for you sir". My anger begun. 

So here's a recap.

A month before the trip, I made confirmation of the seats via phone to Qatar Airways Customer Service in Kuala Lumpur due to non-functioning of "Manage Booking" option from QR website and links. I tailored and checked the best seatings through SeatGuru.com based on travellers review according to my preference as I really want convenience throughout the journey. Before ending the conversation, I actually asked for a confirmation of the seatings that had been chosen to be sent via email. The customer service lady said, "It's ok. We've updated our system and the seats are reserved." And there's no second call as I claimed at the check-in counter just now.

QR845 : Boeing 777-300ER on the ground at KLIA
Anyway, the lady at the check-in counter calmed me down and said that the aircraft is not full and I can have row 19-25 to yourself. I sensed a hint of sarcams from her voice but at the same time I was relieved. For your info, bear in mind that not all check in counter personnel is the staff of the airlines that you're travelling with. They are mostly third-party, airport or local airlines staffs that operate airport check-in counter. Think twice before you raise your voice in case of any issue with the airlines. If you really need to speak to the airlines, just ask them for their airlines representatives. 

Lesson learnt here, if you've made airline seat reservation through phone, do ask for a black and white confirmation (E-mail is the best). I was really upset with QR customer service who initially really convinced me that their system was already updated and I did not question on the reliability of their system.  Well, I don't usually give first bad impression but Qatar Airways you really have changed my perception on your new entry to OneWorld. 

If anyone from Qatar Airways is reading this, you know what to improve next. So as I don't want to spoil the mood of the trip, we headed off to the Satelliite building to grab our early breakfast before proceeding to the boarding gate.

So, here we go Istanbul!
Istanbul Aku Datang!
Signing off, Fashran Fauzi.

Us, while waiting at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA


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