Monday, 30 December 2013

Travel Snippets of 2013

The year of 2013 is calling for a wrap soon. So, what have you missed? LOL. I'm sure that each one of us has missed out few things to achieve this year. In other words, you've gone out of the radar and far enough to achieve it before 2014 comes. Well, it's never too late for us to review what have  we done   throughout the year and how can  we achieve  the things that we have notachieved this year for the next calendar year right?
As for me, let me sum up the places I've been in the year of 2013, be it leisure or business.
·  Singapore (January)
·  Bintulu (March)
·  Jakarta (July & October)
·  Bangkok (January, March, May & August)
·  Hong Kong (May)
·  London, New York, Philadelphia & Washington (June)
·  Osaka (September)
·  Penang (November)
So which of these trips have I blogged about? NONE. Okay, except for the latest one, Penang.  Most of you might have known that I've been quite an active Instagrammer (@fashranfauzi) and most of the pictures of my travel, I posted it there. Yes, inclusive of #selfie pictures. :P Excuse my absence  throughout the year as I don't really mean  to leave this space abandoned. But, I'll give you a sneak peek of my stories behind all these travel which I really intend to blog it out.

A short trip with my family since  the  little brother  was back from Egypt and we decided to go on a short holiday. Mostly it’s all about food, tourist  attractions and shopping. Touring on hop on hop off  was so much fun! Always opt for this hop-on hop-off tour when I was in Europe as it covers most of the top attractions.

Day trip to the coastal town of Sarawak which  the initial plan was  to attend a wedding of my colleague, somehow we ended up driving up to Gua Niah(Niah Cave)  that  was halfway to Miri from Bintulu. Surprisingly, we managed to drive back to Bintulu to catch our evening flight. It was an awesome experience to visit the biggest cave in Malaysia with wedding attire. It’s FUN!. :)

Many would say Jakarta  suffers from chronic traffic or in their local language is macet. But I still love to visit Jakarta every now and then. From food, leisure and people ; Jakarta offers great hospitality and even loads more to treasure, be it with friends or family.
Another city that fascinated me since my first visit in 2010. Somehow it’s another city like Jakarta with exotic touch of Siamese culture. Food and leisure are still on top of my list. There's always something to look forward when I visited here now and then.

Hong Kong
Being the first time to  step my foot  on this side of Asia, I was at first worried due to the language barrier which  was actually not that bad compared to other places in Central Asia. Hong Kong is a vibrant city with modern and post-colonial influence really made the city alive. Not to forget the shopping experience in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui and outlets at CityGate really exemplify  the saying "shop till you drop". Oh, another interesting fact about Hong Kong tourism is that they are promoting Muslim Tour which is quite impressive.

London, New York, Washington & Philadelphia
This is the highlight of the year where the trip  from Asia to Europe and America. The journey of two (2) weeks across continents  was full of stories, experience and  it drained my wallet too! LOL. A few days pit stop in London for a re-visit  and flew off to Philadelphia (for cheaper  airfare via British Airways and less hassle than landing in New York JFK). New York has been superbly awesome Manhattan lifestyle, Washington  was fun for historic attractions and Philadelphia (or Philly) for its lip-smacking cheesesteak.

The third biggest city in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama really excites my journey. As this was my first time in the land of rising sun; the locals and culture really amazed me. From the arrival at the airport to the shopping district of Shinsaibashi and Japanese public hot spring or onsen, they do things differently from any other places in the world that I've visited. Definitely one interesting story to write about.
Have you ever think of doing a 24-hour Food Hunt? Yes, I did. Randomly picked Penang as the destination due to its number of famous entries in social media on their food galore. In 24 hours, I stuffed myself with varieties of local dishes and indulge  their very own coffee culture. The blog entry was already up earlier this month. Go and check it out here.
Before the year end, theres another trip to Jakarta at the final week of December with friends and this will be a unique trip as we only aim to hit Jakarta and watch this particular Indonesian movie Van Der Wijck , just out in their local cinema. Definitely, I will blog this out soon. Wooot2.


So, Happy New Year to all my readers.
May the new year of 2014 brings us more will to travel and share the experience more!
Signing off 2013, Fashran Fauzi.


  1. i saw 2014, istanbul. when are you going?

    1. very soon! do you have any good itinerary to share?

  2. nope :( actually im going there this march. pls blog about ur trip (assuming ure travellin there before me) hehe