Monday, 11 November 2013

Travel Tips to South East Asia

South East Asia is the diamond of Asia. From the mainland of the map, theres Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philipines and not to forget Christmas Island.

What do you think are the best words to describe this part of the world? I would say NATURE + FOOD !! It's too obvious right? If you're travelling to Bangkok, definitely you'll go and food hunt for the best Tom Yum. In Penang, quick grab of Nasi Kandar and Laksa  is a must. While strolling along the beach of Kuta, Bali their Jagong Bakar Pedas is the most awaited moment despite of watching the sunset for the day.

Travelling to Southeast Asia is the dream of many travellers who wants to explore extraordinairy cultures, architechtures and landscapes. But one of the main reasons travellers from all around the world visited Southeast Asia is to taste the amazing food it has to offer; exotic, spicy, incredibly tasty and its hard to refrain our culinary desires from it.

However, excess is never good for your health and your body will soon let you know it with repetitive stomach issues. Gaviscon helps you save your journey by giving you 7 easy-to-follow tips that will keep you away from stomach ache while travelling in this amazing area.

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