Friday, 5 April 2013

NEW DELHI & AGRA : Road to Rumble - Final Day

Final day in Delhi was really interesting. We get to discover another part of the city. We decided to check out early around 10am. The driver brought us around for a quick tour of the city. 

First stop was Palikha Bazaar. It's an indoor & underground market located at Connaught Place area. The market is quite stuffy and full of bargain items. you actually can get lost inside the mazes of shops. Make sure you mark the right entrance to get off from the underground market. Here, you can find various quality of khurta and saree materials. Good bargain too! We didn't get much items as we are looking forward for more bargains at our next stop, Sarojini Market. Fingers crossed. After 40minutes of looking around, we decided to leave the market. 

Quick stroll at the circle area of Connaught Place, is a much of experience. It's a colonial area with variety of shops from local to international brands. You can see the good looking people of Delhi around. From Aishwarya Rai to Rani Mukherjee, pick your choice. Lol. The shops around here are little bit tiny, I believe it was previously designed by the British colonial. If you're a big fan of Pepe Jeans London, it is a must for you to drop by their shops here. it's their official shop and yes it's way cheaper here as I compared the price to UK/ Europe and Malaysia. Normally, shirts are selling around £60-£70 and in Malaysia around RM 200, but here in Delhi you can get it at RM60 after conversion. It's worth of the price and quality they're offering. I'm not sure why it can be that cheap, but I believe that the textile industry is big in this region, some might have been made here.

As was suggested by Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Cabin Crew, we went to Sarojini Market which is located a bit off from the Delhi centre but still within our reach. First impression, the market is like Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. After few rounds at the area, I find that it's close enough to Chatuchak as the items are cheap and you can even bargain more. Believe it or not, I've found quite number of Massimo Dutti, United Colour of Benetton, Zara & Esprit clothing here at super bargain price. I think I just rob them shirts at less than RM20 each. LOL. But please take note, there's no paperbag and nice shops to shop. it's just ordinary shops that sells super bargain items. Besides that, you can find vast selection of Saree materials & Indian clothing such as khurta that actually comfort to be worn on daily basis. ;)