Sunday, 14 October 2012

NEW DELHI & AGRA : Road to Rumble - Day 2

Its the day for Taj Mahal! We've been searching for the best way to get to Agra to see one of world's wonder, The Taj Mahal. Among all, we've come a crossed this one way recommended by and Masviona. However, due to the last minute the train tickets were not able to be purchased online, in advance. So we've decided to just go with the flow until we reached the hotel.

Driver was hired to bring us to Agra. it was believed that the route to get to Agra by car is much longer (5hours) compared to by train which only takes 3 hours. But seeing that we have no choice due to last minute preparation, we decided to grab a car with a driver, Pooran. The journey started off early morning at 6am from the hotel.

Going to Agra from Delhi was an experience to share. You can see that the traffic in India was not that bad at all. It happened that we passed by the train station area and there were heavy traffic as it was on weekend morning. We stucked for half an hour before head off to Indian highway/motorway which is more or less like journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan via old roads. It was good to see the view of Indian settlement from the car window. We stopped for typical breakfast (prata) before continue our journey.

Before we reached Agra itself, we made a quick pit stop at Sikandra Fort. This fort was built by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. He is well known of his passion in arts, literature, religion, architecture and statesmanship. This one of the best piece of architecture that I've visited in India. Surprisingly, he planned his own tomb and selected the site himself. Have this ever came across your mind? This monument is set amidst a lush garden that complement the beautifully carved, red-ochre sandstone tomb.