Friday, 27 July 2012

NEW DELHI & AGRA : Road to Rumble

Thousand apologies from me for not updating my travelogue since then. Work has been hectic and turned out that there are too many changes in life. As I am now in transit at Colombo Aiport (Bandaraynake International Airport) for 9 hours before waiting for my next flight to Charles De Gaur Paris, I feel like I would like to complete my post on Delhi Trip. 

 The day we touchdown in New Delhi, we waited for approximately 2 hours for the shuttle to arrive and bring us to the hotel. New Godwin Hotel is located in the central of busy streets of Delhi where the tourist hotels are situated. The shuttle drove through the narrow streets in between buildings. Quite exciting area where there is no proper road but lively with beautiful lightings from the hotels signages n restaurants. We checked in and settled ourselves for exciting tomorrow. 

 As the sun rise and shine, we started off with breakfast complimentary by the hotel at the rooftop next door. We wondered why next door? We realised that the next door also owned by the same hotel management, but with different room rates. Of course much expensive than ours. LOL. The mixed buffet of English & Indian was served. No offence, but after read through the reviews in other travelogues, I was literally being very careful on the food intakes as my tummy is super extra sensitive. But on the first day I already stuffed myself with traditional Indian food. The Puree. hehehehe.. The tummy accept is as fine as it is. I'm glad.

 Over breakfast, we decided to discover New Delhi itself. We started off with Masjid Jamak which is located in the Old Delhi, where ancient shops are still alive as it is until today. Quite surprised with the layout of this big mosque, where the covered area is only 1/4 of the whole building. For a comparison with the mosques in Malaysia, it only can caters for the first five (5) rows of the jemaah. They actualy pray on the scorching hot tiles in the mosque area during Friday prayer especialy. Should Muslims in Malaysia be thankful for what we have now with airconditioned and carpeted mosque, but the only missing is the jemaah. 

 Further we walked to the Red Fort, located nearby the Old Delhi. Not sure what should we expect from there but in my imagination it could be historic site where tourist should go. Upon arrival, tickets purchased at the ticket counter outside the Red Fort where many locals were queuing. Gulp! We don't want to waste our time by queing and luckily they have special lane for foreigners, but of course with "special rate". We paid 10 times more than the locals. I even asked my friend, Fahmy to camouflage/pretend to be locals to get their rate. LOL.

 Red Fort is one masterpiece by Shah Jahan when he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi. This fort also is built by  using red sandstones and took 9 years to complete. It has quite a number of interesting sites to visit, starting with the bazaar/market where they sell Indian made items, same as what you can see in Souk (market in Morocco). Its called Chhatta Chowk. Red Fort also has been listed as one of the World's Heritage Monumen. Further up, there were Khas Mahal, Hammam and so on. 

The longwalks in Red Fort has brought us hunger. Its lunchtime! Khid told that his boss recommend this one briyani place next to the Masjid Jamak. We walked through the Old Delhi to get to this place called "Karim". This place is located in the narrow streets behind the buildings. I'm expecting a small eating place or in Malay, "warung". It turned out to be a quite a clean restaurant that is located in the middle of buildings. Just to note that this restaurant has been listed as one of the top restaurants in Asia by Time Magazine. The briyani was quite up to the expectation and I don't mind coming back for the briyani. 

After had a great lunch, we went on a "trishaw" to go to the other side of the mosque where our driver is waiting to bring us to another place called "Lotus Temple" was designed by the same architect for Sydney Harbour. The tour driver told us that this temple is built for a place of worship regardless of all religion. There were too many people visited the temple on that day. Its something new to me as never heard this kind of worship place before.

Later, Pooran brought us to the place where to shop for sarees called "Delhi Hut". I'm not a big fan to shop this but I can still evaluate how beautiful it is. Most of the sarees are beautiful and quite cheap compared to the one selling in Malaysia. Its worth for your money to bring back some for your own and for business if you're planning to. ;)

Before we hit for dinner, Pooran drove us around and showed us The President House of India (Delhi Rashtrapati Bhavan). The area surrounded with beautiful gardens and government offices nearby. Just like Putrajaya in Malaysia. I must say the architecture of this building is mainly influenced by British architecture as it was built during the colonial time. We spent most of the late evening in the area by appreciating the area where many locals were playing at the gardens nearby. When the time comes for dinner, the driver suggested a Southern Indian restaurant called Saravan Bhayan which happens to have couples of branch in Malaysia especialy in the Klang Valley. Enjoy the video as it tells the whole story of what we were having at the restaurant.

We ended up our day with a good dinner and prepared for the next day trip to Agra.


The transit hours almost ends, have to go back to the hotel provided by Sri Lankan Airlines before catching up for the next flight to Paris. Will definitely continue my writing while I’m bored in the flight and during my transit to Manchester.


  1. Chutney, Sweet, yoghurt, dhal and all those stuff. Wonder how it tastes like.

    Nice jalan jalan cari makan video. Haha

    1. Hahaha. I wonder how it tastes too! Makan skit2. lol. Ni video amaturrr jeeeee.. hikhikhikhik

  2. update more pliss!!!!really enjoy reading your travelog!!!!i love travelling...but haven't got the chance to do that often...:(
    hope 1 day, got the chance to see the greatest creation of Allah....


    1. thank you for your utmost support! i've drafted few posts which are yet to be rechecked and to be release soon! follow me on FB page "FashranTravelsTheGlobe". hope to hear from your experience too! let's share the knowledge. ;)

  3. One thing that you couldn't resist to buy when you're in India is definitely the fabric kan? The textile industry there were massive.I would said good try on the video.

    * I just found out about your blog while blog hopping from another travelogue to another travelogue. Nice one. Will definitely drop by again later.

    1. Indeed! The fabric is irresistible. LOL. That's just an amateur video. Thanks for dropping by and hope to get more interaction from you. Positive or negative, i'm good to hear it all. ;)

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