Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kuala Lumpur : Where The Heart Is

It has been few days after I got back from New Delhi. However, I have to postpone New Delhi post as I realy wanted to blog about this newly discovered place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL). This has been drafted before I went to India.

The next day after I landed from Jakarta, I rushed to central KL for India Visa Office at Jalan Lebuh Pasar. It was quite a hassle as I totally forgot that they need us to present our passport to apply for visa, not like Australian visa where you only need to apply online and print it straight away. So I have to postpone until I got back from Jakarta.

It was one fine Monday morning, walking from Dayabumi building and I realised that I have not been in this area for quite sometime. This old area of KL has transformed into a better place, or should I say into a greener and cleaner place? Yes, thats the right word. Walking through the bridge of  Lebuh Pasar looking at the magnificent skycrapers as I was excited like a small kid. 

After completed my errands at the visa office, decided to explore a bit of the surrounding area. This old building captured my attention and realised its an old Chinese coffee shop or Malaysian are well known with kopitiam. As I entered the shop, everything went black & white with 1977 effects of Instagram. Lol. Ok, thats nonsense. But yes, I'm trying to get the feel here.

Its an old kopitiam called "Sin Seng Nam" with 1977 interior, vintage facades, rusty building fixtures and sturdy well preserved wood tables and chairs located on Lebuh Pasar, just next to the Indian Visa Centre. Grabbed my very own morning coffee, a toast and rojak ayam. These are classics!

The coffee was up to my expection, the toast reminds me of this one old coffee shop in Kuala Terengganu that my father used to bring me there during my childhood and rojak ayam was perfectly mixed with its granulated peanut gravy (kuah kacang) that tasted so good. This realy made my perfect morning.

Later, I continued my "quick travel" in the area which somehow I think I should explore more soon. Just realised that I've been appreciating places around the world but I forgot the beauty of my own country, Malaysia. There are more to see, there are more to treasure.


Now, fingers crossed for my visa to be ready before this Thursday flight. :D

Friday, 11 May 2012

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Melaka Roadtripping' : Dataran Pahlawan, Seafood Sungai Duyung & Jonker Walk

Date & Time : 5 May 2012 (Saturday) at 1600hours until 6 May 2012 (Sunday) 0730hours
Destination: Melaka, Malaysia
Route: Kota Damansara - Shah Alam via Nilai on North South Highway (PLUS) by Car

This is a very random trip that was planned after one of us asking about "Let's road trip to somewhere this weekend" after a badminton session two (2) days before. And everybody was "Jom!" (in Malay, it means "Let's"). The list was Singapore, Penang, Fraser Hill and Melaka. Announcement made through Whatsapp and a group was scouted among us.

Finally, five (5) of us are joining (myself, FarahGush, LyanaShareen, Zikri & SyukreeBasyeer). Very random.

The Must Haves Gear for this roadtrip
 Touch&Go+SmartTag | Walking Shoes #paulsmithracing | Wheel #hondacrv | Bag Full of Overnight Stuffs #prada

All geared up! The journey started off from our meeting point in Seksyen 11 Shah Alam. There were slight delay on our departure. We drove towards south of Malaysia through ELITE Highway before get in to North South Highway at Nilai Intersection. Halfway through, we received a call and another friend is joining, Akhyar Salleh. We met him at Seremban R&R (services area) and head up to Melaka. Another random plan. LOL.

Reached Melaka around 1900hrs, and went straight to Nadeeja Cafe at Dataran Pahlawan for Millie Crepe. Hunting for delicious layered crepe cake as normally ordered online from Humble Beginning and pick it up from their pick up point in Klang Valley. First was introduced by my cousin, Fara Siva & Azuar. They are evil when it comes to food.  (psst.. my favourite is Cheesy Cheese and French Vanilla!)

Reached Melaka town & Satisfy the lust of Millie Crepe

Cheesy Cheese Millie Crepe
While waiting for our Millie Crepe!

Instagram @fashranfauzi: Meeting fans in Melaka. Lol.
(ok actualy these are the troops)
Later, we rushed to our next stop Sungai Duyung Medan Ikan Bakar (I keep mentioning it as Sungai Dua many times that night. Lol.) , which is not that far from the town centre. Was recommended by few people to go there instead of Serkam or Umbai which has been around and famous for seafood eatings.

Reached the place around 2000hrs due to the Wesak Day traffics at the city centre. GPS "help" us a lot. But somehow, it leads us to random shortcut and finally stucked at the end road somewhere. LOL.

When we reached the place, there were too many cars parked outside the seafood place! Bad impression, but somehow it must be really good! Fingers crossed. Got our table in a minute and two of us went to order random seafood dishes. 

We waited for an hour to get our food ready! While waiting for our food, we were starving (of course la!) .. hahah managed to capture a simple video of this place. Check it out!

Seafood we ordered
Jonker Walk was next! I was not getting the idea of people telling me about this place, cultural and full of antique bargains and exotic local food. Trying to get the hype of the place, so we've decided to get there to see with our own eyes ;P. We drove back to the city. Unfortunately, its Wesak Day or some call it Hari Peranakan. (stumbled upon this article while googling about Peranakan. let's read here !!! )

 The traffic was extraordinaire than usual. On the way to the Jonker Walk, we stucked, bored and I decided to walk further up over a ciggarette, while Lyana accompanied me and wait them at the front.

Brisk walked and realised that we already near to Jonker Walk. Hahahaha..  So we called them up to park anywhere nearby and just walk down the street. And while waiting......

When we arrived at Jonker Walk, the stalls were about to close. Dismantling their stalls. Nooo.. too bad.
It is believe that Jonker Walk shops open during the day, some might open up til night. But during weekend night (Saturday) the area will turn into lively night market along the street.

We missed the night market as well as the normal shops. :(

However, we keep walking around the area to appreciate the area which is believed to be the historical and cultural side of Melaka.

Eventhough, we only get to know the town at night, I am amused by the architecture of the building. The state government must have spent a lot on refurbishing the historical buildings. They preserve them well. *Big clap*

Touring Jonker Walk at night was not that boring at all. We enjoyed the night scenery walking around the area with couples of cafes that were still open. The place are safe because I saw quite a number of policeman partrolling around the area.

Good walk without causing damage to your wallet! Hahaha..

We ended up our tour almost around 1am and decided to grab some supper at the nearby place. We asked this one person from the random hotel about where to get good food at night. He recommended this place called "Kota Laksamana Asam Pedas".

(Ermmm.. asam pedas at this hour??)

We had drinks and just light meals up until 0300hrs and decided to drive back to KL. Stop by at Ayer Keroh R&R intended to refresh but somehow we ended up chatting until 0530hrs. There you go, kids nowadays! Reached Shah Alam around 0700hrs and grab good Malay breakfast at Gembira Restaurant before we split up to our very own cribs.

15 hours trip to Melaka ended on Sunday 6th May at 0800hrs

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pickpocket in Paris

Paris, the city of fashion and love. Don't get yourself amused and hallucinated by the city. Cruising through its serene river, to its vogue street of Champs-Élysées and St. Honoré, to its hustle and bustle Metros and at the gateway of France, Gare du Nord never neglect any of your belongings to be taken away and spoilt the trip. There was three trials on myself that I've experienced on each trip that I visited the city. Luckily I'm saved from the pickers but please be aware of their tricks because until now I'm still trying to read them. 

In December 2011, it happened at the Gare du Nord while waiting for our Eurostar to London at the nearby cafe. As usual, while waiting your freshly brewed coffee and croissants to be served, browsing through your mobile will be the best thing to do and when the coffee is served, definitely you will place it next to it before taking your first sip. A bunch of Gypsies kids came by and ask for "donation" for their charity. One of the kids put down their fliers/brochure on the table and on top of where I put my phone in the act of trying to explain about "this and that". Slowly he tried to grab the phone under the fliers/brochure while I was trying to get rid of these Gypsies away in a polite way. Luckily one of my friend saw what he's trying to do and she said "You can take your papers but leave the phone on the table". That kid was shocked and walked away.
Another experience was in January 2012, it was in the Metro from Franklin Roosevelt (the most luxury metro station in Paris I've seen), and it happened that during that time I was holding bunch of shopping items (imagine bunch of paperbags I'm holding) with a sling bag! The train stopped at one station and was cramped with Parisian, suddenly this one mature lady shouted  "arrêtez-vous!" (means "stop it") pointing at my back as I was standing next to the door facing inside. As looked at my back, my sling bag was half-opened and the 12-year old Gypsies kid ran away before the door closed. I was panicked and checked the bag thoroughly. Thankful, there was nothing has been taken away. Thanked the lady and she advised to be aware of these Gypsies as they're everywhere and they targeted tourist. I asked myself "Do I look like a tourist?" LOL.

Recently during my Paris trip in April 2012, two of us were on the Metros at Anves station heading to La Chapelle that evening. As usual, people will rush to get into the train once the train stopped. As I entered the train, there was one girl pushed me from the back and I was wearing the sling at the time. Felt like the bag has moved upwards and swiftly I turned  . The girl was panicked and she got off the train immediately. I checked the all the important stuffs (wallet,passport n phone) and luckily it was still there. Phew~! As the door closed, my friend said that he was hit the same way. What a trick! (oh, that's fine if she's hot. Lol)

As a reminder to all out there who will be travellling to Paris, be aware of your belongings especialy your bags. Keep on eyes on those all the time especially when you're in the tourist hot spots. 

p/s: photos credits to all (you know who you are!) :D