Monday, 16 April 2012

Sneak Peak for Spring 2012 Europe Trip

Yes, coming soon! Amsterdam-Gilserkirchen-Roermond-Paris route for Spring 2012. Stay tune!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jakarta Weekend Full of Surprises

Destination: Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Travel Date: 23 - 25 March 2012 (2days)
Air Route: KUL-CGK-KUL via Malaysia Airlines

Jakarta trip over the weekend has been a very short trip and very last minute. Ticket purchased 2 days before departure date and surprisingly flying national premium airline is cheaper than national low cost airline. It's less hassle by flying MAS after a while that I have not. However, I think the airline should improvise by not to have all steward to serve in one flight. What more if the steward is halfway being stewardess. :D they can go bitchy as they can. Hahaha. Ok, that stays there. No elaboration needed. *Imagine yourself*

Reached Jakarta as scheduled at 1905. First thing first, dinner! Surprisingly, the traffic wasn't bad at all. I wonder and asked "Aren't they supposed to be bad traffic (macet in Bahasa Indonesia) by now" Hahaha. I'm not hoping for the worst. A friend replied "Its holiday in Indonesia, Hari Raya Nyepi. So people tend to go out of Jakarta during holiday". Pheww.. that's better as it won't spoil the journey. :D

Headed down to the central's Plaza Semanggi for Sky Dining. Spotted this place at one of friend's page on FB. So decided to grab some good dinner over there. Had "Sup Buntut". The name sounds so wrong for a Malaysian but not for the locals. Tasted good while enjoying the scenery of Jakarta at night. Later, met a Malaysian friend who is residing and working in Jakarta, Miji (The King of Malioboro.*kidding*) for a quick chat as I'll be heading to Bandung that night to catch next morning discussion with potential client for The Ugly Closet.

Saturday started with quality business deal in Bandung. Stopped over at Bintaro for early lunch of Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge) with Sate' before giving "free consultancy" for Aiman Ricky's house construction nearby. Surprised with its design, concept and quality of their workmanship. Impressed with the houses, forced me to ask more about the house scheme from the developer. If in Klang Valley, you will never find a studio type layout on landed properties. But yes in Jakarta. Damn, so does the price!

By noon, we headed to Bogor meeting another friend, Anditiaputra  who brings us around for Bogor street food. They call it "Lompat-lompat Kulinari" on the street of Bogor. Bogor is like another town like Bandung, where people of Jakarta spend their weekend away from hustle bustle city. Its more modest and very calm. Andi warned me not to be on diet and "Perut perlu tidak kenal erti kenyang". First, we stopped at  Jl. Bogor Permai (they call it BoPer) .. We had Pempek, Es Sekoteng and Tekwan .... Most of the dishes are tasty! Love it to bits especialy Es Sekoteng. Bought a dozen of Kueh Ape for our fod tasting session while cruising in the car. I must say its close to one of Malay pastries (don't ask me the name.. :D)

Bogor also known with its Macaroni Panggang and Lasagna Gulung. We stopped over the area where they sell this. Located at a very calm area of Jl. Salak 24, great spot to chill over the weekend. However, we just bought it as take away and headed to another place called "Ayam Geprek Istimewa" close to Ayam Penyet that is currently #trending in Malaysia for the past few years. 

Later we drove back to Jakarta central. Decided to meet another friend who is coincidently in Jakarta, Que Ariffin and Jovian. Headed out to Plaza Senayan and at first planned to dine in at Union but due to long queue of waiting list, we opted for De Luca. Food, are all delicious including the desert. People and their fashion, hermmm.. way better from what I can see in KL.  Or is it just me? Hahaha.

Final day in Jakarta is filled with just chilling around. Went to the music shop in ..... and as usual I will buy a bunch of movies n DVDs to bring back home. These are really cheap here for original products compared to the one in KL! Seriously, its worth it. 
Later, Aiman forced me to dine like locals, their street food, Nasi Gultik. Its not that I don't do street food, but from the past experience when I was travelling in Morocco back in 2010 diarrhea attacked and that spoils the whole trip. Hahaha. So, every journey must be spend wisely and worth the money instead of spending your time in the loos. :D

Reached the airport early as knowing the nature of Sunday and to avoid unnecessary costs due to macet (not to miss flight). Bid farewell to my good friend, Aiman Ricky Firmansyah who has been a great tour guide for my short weekend in Jakarta + Bandung. Thank you so much and definitely will come again to explore more outside Jakarta! 

p/s: Fall in love with Malaysia Airlines 737-800 new fleet. Jakarta-KL bound.Simply awesome and the in flight food "Sambal Fillet" that I had was really good. — at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport