Saturday, 3 March 2012

What's Inside Your Cabin Hand Luggage?

Source: MTV Movies Blog
Have you ever wonder what should you bring in your cabin's hand luggage? This is very important when you're traveling internationally, especially to Europe. They have very strict rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to liquids and weight. So, double check with you airlines about your weight allowance. You don't want to end up leaving ur cabin bag behind or else, you might splash some cash unnecessarily.

Here are some tips that I do practice which I'm not sure does everyone else practice this. :D
  1. My documents (Passport/Money/Wallet/Tickets/Itinerary+All booking references)
  2. My necessity gadgets (Phone/iPad/Charger/Earphone/Ciggie-not advisable)
  3. My convenience (Neck Inflatable Pillow/Warming Blanket/Toiletries/ Pyjamas Pants :D)
  4. Fragile/Precious item that is not advisable to be packed in you Checked-In Luggage! (laptops/new purchased items)
  5. Travel light and save some extra room for airport shopping (at least can fit in 2 cartons of ciggie.. haha..)
The warming blanket, inflatable neck pillow and iPad is only applicable for low cost. They save, we save more. Lol. Oh yes, that pyjamas pants is necessary!  Hahaha.. After all the hassle at the airport, you need a good and ample space for yourself instead of wearing jeans. Its a bonus when you can conquer the whole 3 seats next to you for a "flatbed". Like nobody's business.

Here's some tips by Paul Crompton to take only Hand Luggage while travel. Possible for short haul destination I guess..


  1. Do you actually change to your pyjamas pants on flight? No dirty look from other passanger?

    1. HI there! Thanks for being the first to comment! ;)

      I practised that recently for long haul flights. Just make sure of the pants is clean and fresh to avoid inconvenience to other passenger... hahah... Recently, one of the person that I travelled with said that his neighbouring passenger said, "I should do that on my next trip". So back to basic, you have to be comfortable while on board and don't forget to change it before the touchdown. :D (experienced that once) ...

  2. mmg betul2 tukar seluar tido ek ? hehe.. first time i heard dat

    1. Hahaha.. yes i did. and it turns out to be the most comfortable outfit! hahaha

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