Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gold Coast : Extraordinaire Coastal City of Down Under (PART 1)

Destination: Gold Coast, Australia. 
Travel Date: 27 October - 02 November 2011 (7days)
Air Route: KUL-OOL-KUL via AirAsia X
The Itinerary

Eights (8) tickets booked in December 2010 to travel in November 2011 among my childhood friends. Yes, its a year long period before we travel and do you know why? Definitely its cheap! Everything must be value for money, simple as that. Some of us did not managed to join the troops. Out of 8, only 3 members were going. *Frustrated* Nah, nevermind. People have reasons and the tickets just burnt. Whatever happened, I'm still going even by meself. Not gonna waste the money that Ive spent for this freaking cheap ticket!

No matter how much time you have to plan everything, it always been a last minute. Finalised everything (accommodation,transport n etc.) a day before we depart. We divided the responsibilities among us. From A-Z sorted within a click (only if the credit card company authorised that. haha). Thank you them! 

First time experience flying AirAsia X for long haul flight. In short, its tiring and stressful (don't sue me Tony!). One thing I learnt from flying AirAsia X is to bring your own entertainment (iPad/iPhone etc.) and prepare with inflattable neck support pillow plus light and warming blanket. Otherwise, you gotta spend some cash in the airline to ease you journey. No, I did not spent any for that on the flight. Luckily I saved some movies on iPhone and crumpled my jacket as neck support. Lol. Before embark from the aircraft upon arrival, this one fella purposedly left his in-flight purchased Comfort Kit and I grabbed it to prepare for my next flight back home :P

Touched down at 0725hrs Australian time at Coolongatta Airport. Freshened up at the airport washroom and had great Australian breakfast at the airport. While the others finishing up their meal, I took my way out for quick ciggie outside before picking up our rented car that I've booked through Rhino which I normally used while I was in the UK and exploring Europe. The rate are still the best compared to other sites. So here we ride the coastal paradise of Australia!

First destination, Rainbow Bay that is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Gold Coast with tranquil and picturesque view of Surfer's Paradise. Parked on Snapper Rock road, the home of Quiksilver & Roxy pro for half an hour stop. 

Later we drove up to the  Harbour Town, the designer outlet. Surprisingly its not as great as the one in UK, but they have good bargains for few brands that catched my eyes such as Polo Ralph Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, La Coste, Nike, Cotton On and Royal Albert (womens love this). Other than that, are local brands. Later, we checked in to our pre-booked accommodation, Beachcomber Resort Surfers Paradise. Cheap stay and centrally located for the last minute. 2 minutes away from the beach and Hard Rock Cafe (free wifi nearby here!-look out for it!)

Day two (2) we spent most of the day at Dreamworld as early as 9am. One word, its awesome! Especially for the new ride, they called it "Buzz Saw". Should try it out. The first thing we saw once we entered the theme park but thats the last ride we tried. Save the best for the last. Few other rides are also exciting but I couldn't remember the names :P

The Buzz Saw
Left Dreamworld around 4pm and drove up to Brisbane. That take us around 40 minutes to get to Brisbane. Nothing much we can do as most of the shops closed early. Managed to grabbed a cuppa before its closed at Zaraffa's Coffee at Queens Mall as recommended by Saifulnizam, who was my senior turned lecturer at university and now he's doing his PHD at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and attached to my unit at work. How small the world is right?.   

Yummeh? I've been longing for good coffee instead of Starbucks/ Coffee Bean's since I'm back in Malaysia, this is a good substitute to those two. Found it in Brisbane! Luckily it was summer time and managed to captured few outdoors scenes.


The tour ends at Brisbane for the day, and we headed back to Surfer's Paradise. Grabbed some dinner and get onlined (at that free wifi! :D)

... to be continued.....


  1. Dude, if free, do write your experience masa Aussie's immigration. I heard macam horror je. Never been to Australia. Will do one day.

    1. Sure I will. It was a hassle based on my experience. Witt blog it out soon! Thanks for your suggestion bro!