Monday, 27 February 2012

Pilot : The Art of Travelling

Bonjour! I have been dreaming to become a travel writer and blog about how I travel. It has been a while and I have no idea why today is the day where I think I would like to start my very own travelogue. 
This blog will share the way how I travel from scratch. It might not be too dramatic and challenging as pictured in backpackers stories or movies. But its something useful for most of the travellers across the globe. I've been to the most of the continents in the world and would like to complete at least half of the world's countries before I reached the golden age of 60s. 
Well, lets hope this travelogue will become a heritage to share with my heirs and heiresses in many years to come. And you, travellers.. Let's share the experience and your feedback is highly appreciated. Cheers!