Friday, 5 August 2016

FLIGHT DEAL: Malaysia Airlines (MH) Misleading Business Class Ads?

Rise and shine from Kuala Lumpur. Today, after my morning Nasi Lemak and a cup of Teh Tarik, I've stumbled upon this advertisement on Facebook. 

"Experience Business Class to London, Sydney, Auckland and more with deals from RM209"

Adding to that, it says "Amazing Deal". This is too good to be true. For this price, you can't even get a one-way flight ticket to any of the destination on Malaysia Airlines (MAS), not even on domestic route. To convinced myself, I checked out the ads and MAS website.

And from the MAS official website, the only deal available for Business Class is to Jeddah. None for other destinations. 

Okay, something is wrong somewhere. I'm not sure where else that I can get to see all the offers. If there is, who doesn't want to get that cheap Business Class ticket. Is this a misleading ads? If this is intentionally created by MAS I believe this might have tarnished the image of national flag carrier.

I snap shot few angry comments on Facebook. 

Have you ever come across think kind of misleading ads from other airlines? Share with me.

Monday, 18 July 2016

FLIGHT DEAL : Malaysia Airlines (MH) Business Class Promo from Bangkok (BKK) to Various Destinations

Malaysia Airlines (MH) Business Class Promo from Bangkok is back. I've seen this kind of promo since 2015 and this year around only I've seen this kind of promo for 3 times. Tentatively in April, May and today in July. 

Last year, while I was on paused from blogging, I enjoyed this promo once which is Bangkok (BKK)-Kuala Lumpur(KUL)- Hong Kong (HKG) return at THB 11,580 (~MYR 1,450). The reason being was to experience Malaysia Airlines Business Class Seat on wide body Boeing 777-200ER which now the service has been downgraded to narrow body aircraft Boeing 737-800 on MH72 and MH73. Plus, to speed up my entitlement for Enrich Gold last year where this trip alone enable me to get 8 Elite Sectors return, excluding flight from KUL to BKK. But the catch is, you have to fly from BKK. 

Malaysia Airlines (MH) New Business Class on A330
Malaysia Airlines Business Class : Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Hong Kong (HKG) Chef On Call in July 2015
Malaysia Airlines Business Class : Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Hong Kong (HKG) on MH 72 in July 2015
Earlier this year also I've booked myself on a trip BKK - KUL - Tokyo Narita (NRT) for this coming September. To justify myself why I sealed this offer because I wanted to try Malaysia Airlines new Business Class on A330.  That was booked at THB 24,135 (~MYR 2,800) where at the same time the Economy Class was selling at MYR 2,100. A difference of MYR700 will definitely give you a new experience. 

Today after I had conversation with my fellow travellers on twitter, @rambleandwander and @ahmadnajme on what I blogged yesterday on Qatar Airways (QR) Business Class offer, they highlighted to me that there's another offer going on with Malaysia Airlines flying from BKK to London Heathrow (LHR). This automatically reminds me on the deal that I experienced last year on BKK-KUL-HKG and this is almost the same as BKK-KUL-NRT that I will experience it in September. So I made a quick random check on few dates and destinations.

Malaysia Airlines (MH) Business Class Promo from Bangkok (BKK)
Route: BKK-KUL-Various Destinations Return
Booking Date: Offer ends July 27, 2016
Travel Date: July 16, 2016 until April 30, 2017

Bangkok (BKK) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Incheon (ICN)

Return flight on random dates in August will only costs you at THB 16,645 (~MYR1,886) for a Business Class trip. At the same time, I checked on a return ticket on Malaysia Airlines from KUL-BKK return on the same dates (but in Economy Class), only will cost you MYR 410.90. If we add up KUL-BKK return and BKK-ICN return the total would be MYR 2,296.90 for Business Class flight on Malaysia Airlines. 

I also made a quick check KUL-ICN return on the same dates, the ticket fares are MYR 7,045 for Business Class and MYR 1,698.90.  

Fare difference if you willing to extend your trip of 2 hours to Bangkok one-way, you can save MYR 4,748.10 and able to experience Malaysia Airlines Business Class! However, the new A330 on Seoul will only be available in November, but the promo fares also applicable for these flights.

I also made a quick check on few other destinations. This fares also applicable for Tokyo Narita (NRT) at THB 23,650 (~ MYR2,690.33), London Heathrow (LHR) at THB 57,070 (~ MYR 6,468) and Melbourne THB 36,915 (~MYR 4,183.70).

As per what I reviewed it before on Qatar Airways Business Class promo from KUL to Paris Charles De Gaulle, this promo is at par. Flying out from South East Asia to Europe / UK has never been this cheap as low as RM6.4k return.

These promo fares is definitely worth it since the price of normal Business Class return from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) is very expensive about 100-200% higher. Please keep in mind that this promo has never been advertised from Malaysia Airlines Malaysian website. This can be seen advertised from Malaysia Airlines Thailand website here.

To buy it or not? It's up to your judgement, but from my point of view, this is a superb deal if you would love to try on the new Malaysian Airlines (MH) Business Class on A330 and this week alone, I've reviewed 3 Business Class offers which is irresistible.


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Sunday, 17 July 2016

FLIGHT DEAL: Qatar Airways (QR) Business Class to Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) starting from MYR6,847 Return?

This is much better than what I've found from Singapore Airlines (SQ) offer for Canberra from Kuala Lumpur which I blogged few days back and you can read it here.

What a surprise when I checked my email today. Qatar Airways (QR) is having an online early bird sale. Few days ago, Skytrax the airline quality review and prestigious award have announced the winners for 2016 and Qatar Airways won the second in the global ranking plus named as World's Best Business Class, World's Best Business Class Lounge and Best Airline Staff in the Middle East. I guess this is why they're having this sales going on to celebrate their winning for the year. 

Qatar Airways Business Class (Source:

Qatar Airways Business Class (Source:

Before you read further, you must understand why I am really keen on Qatar Airways' Business Class product. It's a dream seat in the sky and you can fully understand after you read this article here.  

Qatar Airways Early Bird Online Deal July 2016

This is for end of the year travel and you need to book by July 19. So be hurry to plan your upcoming holiday as this offer doesn't come often and I personally never seen a return Business Class from Kuala Lumpur to Europe this low from five star airlines like Qatar Airways. Plus, it comes with double Qmiles when you're a Privilege Club member. The offers not only limit to Business Class, it extends to Economy Class as well.

This post will be focusing on their Business Class offer which I find its too attractive. I've been a fan of Qatar Airways Business Class and have been viewing many reviews on this airline. Personally, I haven't been on their Business Class product and would love to if I have a chance one day. So, let's see if this offer is a steal!

Qatar Airways Business Class Promo from Kuala Lumpur

Route: KUL-DOH-CDG Return
Booking Date: July 15 until July 19, 2016
Travel Date: October 1, 2016 until December 10, 2016.

I've tried few random dates as below.

Qatar Airways Promo Business Class Availability : Random Date 1 
Qatar Airways Promo Business Class Availability : Random Date 2

KUL-DOH-CDG lowest at MYR 3,221.95

CDG-DOH-KUL lowest at MYR 3,567.95

Total Return Business Class KUL-CDG is only at MYR 6,789.90

So I tried to proceed with further booking on specific date that falls on my birthday so I can simply fantasied that this trip will be my birthday treat trip! LOL. Let's see if the offer is real or just a tease like I normally found on other airlines' offer.

Qatar Airways Business Class Promo Price Availability

The offers valid in most of their flights, be it on Boeing 777, Boeing A340, Airbus A330 and even on A380 and the transit hours also available for short transit (less than 3 hours) and even available for long hours transit. There's no segregation of this offer, so you can pick and choose your preference aircraft and transit hours. 

What I still can't identify is, why the Business Promo doesn't exist on certain flight. In this case, 2 out 3 flight doesn't offer this price. Someone might enlighten me on this unavailability. 

Qatar Airways Business Class Promo Price Availability : Departure KUL-DOH-CDG
Qatar Airways Business Class Promo Price Availability : CDG-DOH-KUL
Qatar Airways Business Class Promo Price Availability : Final Price

Further to that, I clicked until the end of the booking. So, the final price of the Qatar Airways on Business Class from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Paris (CDG) is MYR 6,970.90. And this is RARE! Normal prices to fly Business Class to Europe price could starts from MYR11,000 onwards. I did a quit check on Skyscanner, and the cheapest price also starts from RM10k via Vietnam Airlines. What more to fly with award winning airlines with World's Best Business Class in 2016 (won the same award in 2013 and 2014 too).

Bottom line is, this is a steal and you will never regret this!

(I'm still contemplating considering this offer by checking my bank account over and over again. LOL.)    

What do you think about this promo? Have you come across anything better than this for Business Class to Europe from South East Asia?

Saturday, 16 July 2016

FLIGHT REVIEW : Trying out a Hybrid Airline - Malindo Air OD1805 from Kuala Terengganu (TGG) to Subang (SZB)

Eid holiday is one of Malaysia's busiest travel period. Practically the entire population of Kuala Lumpur will be travelling, be it "balik kampung" or for leisure. I was a bit busy before and during Ramadhan, so although I purchased my flight ticket back to my home town of Kuala Terengganu much earlier, I totally forgot to buy a return ticket back to KUL. The reason I bought a one-way ticket was because I hadn't decided yet at the time on when to return.

So I was browsing around all available flights from Kuala Terengganu for almost a week, not surprised that all the one-way tickets ranged from MYR400-MYR700 in economy! Typically during non peak period, return tickets would be around MYR150-250 return or MYR150-180 return. 

After considering all available options from Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Firefly and Malindo Air, I decided that the best options were between Air Asia and Malindo Air. Since I hadn't been on Malindo before, it was a no brainer!

Trip: Kuala Terengganu (TGG) – Subang (SZB)
Date: July 10, 2016 on Sunday
Depart: 10:55AM
Arrive: 12:00PM
Duration: 1hr 05min
Aircraft: ATR-72-600 (twin-turboprop)
Seat: 12A (Economy)

Kuala Terengganu Airport or if you prefer to go by its official name, Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG), generally serves flights between the city of Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur (via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang (SZB). Although it was built to handle international flights, the only international flights they currently serve are to Jeddah and Mecca during the Hajj season.

The check-in and boarding at TGG was smooth and quick as it is usually the case with smaller regional airports in Malaysia. You could get to the boarding gate within 10mins from the check in counter.

Flights into SZB are almost exclusively using turboprop aircrafts due to its close proximity to residential areas. One thing gets me excited when flying on turboprop...tarmac boarding!

Malindo Air OD1805 at the tarmac from boarding gate.
Malindo Air OD1805 : Tarmac boarding means awesome pictures of the plane!
Malindo Air OD1805 : ATR-72-600 on the tarmac TGG
Malindo Air OD1805 : Queuing into the ATR-72-600
Malindo Air OD1805 : Sultan Mahmud Airport exterior
Malindo Air OD1805 : ATR 72-600 Cabin Stowage / Overhead Compartment

Malindo Air OD1805 : Leather seat
Malindo Air OD1805 : ATR-72-600 Seat Back
Malindo Air OD1805 : Aircraft Cabin 
Malindo Air OD1805 : Overhead consoles
Malindo Air OD1805 : Seat Back Pocket
Malindo Air OD1805 : Ready-to-purchase Menu - Starbucks Coffee
Malindo Air OD1805 : Merchandise sold on board
Malindo Air OD1806: Overhead Comparment

The all economy configuration aircraft looks brand spanking new as Malindo just took delivery of this aircraft earlier in the month. I can even smell the new leather while entering the aircraft. The seat and cabin design is quite attractive to me, might be because it looks so new. 

The flight departed slightly later than scheduled. 

Another thing that gets me excited about flying turboprop is the relatively lower cruising altitude. Who needs in-flight entertainment when you can awe at the amazing Malaysian lush greenery. 

One thing you should note about Malindo Air is that it is not exactly a low cost carrier but it is also not a full fare airline. It is instead categorised as a hybrid airline. This means that while their fares are relatively cheaper they still offer free check-in baggage, meals/refreshments on board and even in flight entertainment on their Boeing 737. However, you shouldn't expect the same level of meal/refreshment quality as a full fare airline though. For my flight, we were served a small bottle of mineral water. But you get what you pay for so no complaints.
Malindo Air OD1805 : TGG from the aircraft
Malindo Air OD1805 :  Kuala Terengganu town bird view
Malindo Air OD1805 : Kuala Terengganu town bird view
Malindo Air OD1805 : Birdview from TGG-SZB
Malindo Air OD1805 : Mineral Water served on board
Malindo Air OD1805 : Birdview from SZB-TGG
Malindo Air OD1805 : Approaching SZB
Malindo Air OD1805 : Malindo Cabin Crew on walkway to Baggage Claim Area at SZB 

Eventhough the flight departed later than scheduled, but it reached SZB on time. 

Flying on Malindo Air's ATR 72-600 is convenient due to its Subang Airport hub which is within close proximity to the city as compared to KUL. Both airports, TGG and SZB are domestic-friendly airport. Less hassle and very convenient. The flying experience is better than I've experienced with ATR on Firefly but it might be due to the fact that I flew on their very new aircraft. But, for me personally though it was generally a pleasant flight all around, I felt that it was not worth my spending of MYR360 one-way. That cost me a hole in my wallet. However, given the last minute purchase (lesson learnt) and during the festive season, I think they were the best option I had.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

FLIGHT NEWS: Suasa Air, another Malaysian based airlines?

Few images of this new airline have been on the internet for the past 24 hours. I've been reading from various sources for more information about this airline. 

Suasa Air: Seen on the runway (Source: Forum)

Its looks like its a newly incorporated company (end December 2015) based on this page. The airline, Suasa Airlines is to be managed by Suasa Airlines Sdn. Bhd. However, upon checking which is most likely their official website, it seems like its still "under construction" or in beta testing? 

A forum thread found here is discussing on tha airline's B737-400 with Registration 9M-SUA (ex 9M-MMJ) which is believed to be ex-Malaysia Airlines (MH) aircraft. you can read this topic thread here.

Other than that, another interesting page that I've stumbled onto is from JobStreet, in which Suasa Air exists as a company, but no jobs were posted. Perhaps, we may some vacancies in the near future.

This flight also was seen today at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) on the tarmac attached to the passenger boarding bridge. It's highly likely that it is being audited by the local civil aviation authority to ensure the it is fit for operations for the airline. 

Whether or not they will be operating regularly scheduled commercial flights or only charter flights is also unclear. 

However, will they be a serious threat to current players or just another Rayani Air fiasco? Only time will tell.